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FaeVerse Alchemy

Jeux de réflexion
2 usd

This is the Full Premium version of FaeVerse Alchemy. ♦ FaeVerse Alchemy is an engaging and challenging puzzle game where you combine three or more of one kind of element to form a single piece of a higher quality element. ♦
• Chaos Mode - Anything can happen! Inventory begins randomize, all items can drop. It's true chaos!• Pure Mode - Item drops are not possible, pure alchemy gameplay. Play this mode first!• Puzzle Mode - Solve puzzles! We will be new adding puzzle packs involving the many special items over time!• Infinity Mode - Overflows never cause game over.• Abyss Mode - Daily Challenge Mode! Play once per day. Everyone in the world has the same game possible. Will you get the high score?
IMPORTANT - HOW TO PLAY : The basic rules are simple. Combine like elements together to form higher quality elements. In Chaos Mode, there are many items that can cause special interactions. To view what items may do press the ? button at the top right. We recommend playing Pure mode for your first time playing. ♦
On screen buttons, and touch screen style controls are supported. ♦
This game is updated by the developers over time. We still have many features and content that we plan to add to the game. Updates will be added to this version when they are ready. If you have feedback you are welcome to contact us. ♦
We want to make this game better for you! If you like games like this, but there are some details about it that you think would make it better, please contact us with your suggestions. ♦
If you have any questions at all please ask us! We are happy to answer any questions you have. ♦
For all technical customer support or to say hello: